Hourly rentals daily

Electric Bikes: $20 first hour, $10 each additional hour
$70 full day
$10 each additional day

Regular Bikes: $10 first hour, $5 each additional hour
$35 per day
$5 each additional day


Electric Bikes

Our most popular rentals are our Rad Power Bikes.  Allowing riders of all fitness levels to ride together at the same pace, we use these on all our tours.  The fat tires perform well on the sand or cruising on the road.

For those preferring a regular tire e-bike with regenerative braking, rent a Rad City.  Note that the Rad City may be too tall for riders shorter than 5'10".

We also have RadWagon cargo bikes with rear seats for kids over 60 lbs (or adults under 120 lb) and toddler seats.  Please call to discuss exact needs.

Click here to see our selection of electric bikes.

Mens Huffy.jpg

Regular Bikes

We have a variety of beach cruisers, hybrids, and kids bikes.  Click below to see availability.

Often bikes are returned early from reservations, so if we don't have enough for your needs in our online inventory, give us a call.  We may still be able to accommodate you.

Click here to see our selection of non-electric bikes.