Our Electric Bikes

Rad Power Bikes, 750 watt motors powered by both a throttle and a pedal assist.


Rad Rover

With 26" fat tires and a front suspension, the ride is very smooth.  It's our most popular model among riders taller than 5'4".  Riders 5'2" and up can typically straddle the center bar, though they will not be able to reach the ground from the seat.  We have some with racks and some without, so if you have a specific need, let us know & we can set the appropriate bike aside for you.


Rad Mini

The "sports car" in our rental fleet, with 20" fat tires, the Mini has the most get-up-and go, sprinting up the hills.  It can fold up in just a couple minutes--and a pair fits nicely in an SUV--so it makes an excellent choice for renters wishing to bring a bike on a longer vacation.  It comfortably accommodates riders from 4'10" to 6'4"   


Rad Wagon with padded seat

21-speed.  Slower taking off than the other bikes, but strong.  One or two riders can ride on the back, as long as they are old enough to hang on.  Adults can ride on the back too.  Max 120 lb. weight on rear seat, max 350 lb. total rider weight.


Rad City

More narrow tires allow this bike to fit on a bus rack.  It also has regenerative braking adding a small amount of extra range.  With two frame sizes, choose the one best for your height:

16" frame--riders 5'4" - 5'11"
20" frame--riders 5'10" - 6'8"



Rad City Step-Thru

Our brand new RadCity Step-Thru electric commuter bike features a low-step frame design and swept-back handlebars, making this the true comfort cruiser you've been searching for. Still packed with a 750W direct drive hub motor and 48V power system, you get all the benefits of the RadCity 16"/19" in a more approachable package


Rad Wagon with Toddler Seat

For toddlers up to 40 lb.  Room for a second child or small adult in front.

Demo Bikes (Only One Each):


Propella 2.0

We have one Propella 2.0 as a test model.  250 watt e-bike with pedal assist to 15 mph (no separate throttle).  With it's thin tires, & 7-speed gearing it's a lightweight (35 lb) electric bike with the agility and feel of a traditional road bike.


Sondors Thin

We have one Sondors Thin as a test model.  This is a 350 watt, 36 volt e-bike.  Weighing in at 55 lb, governed to 20 mph, it has single-speed gearing, 5-speed pedal assist, and a thumb throttle.