Our Start



One morning, we headed out for breakfast and saw a worried ranger heading down the hill beside Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge.  Then we scrambled...family moved to Carmel so the kids could finish school.  Park a car north of the bridge.  What to do?

My father & I first carried a pair of Rad Power Bikes up the Bypass Trail to use as utilitarian transportation while the Pfeiffer Canyon bridge was out  (the very first day the bypass trail was open to locals).  The next morning we decided to test the range & made it all the way to McWay Falls & back.  I was grinning so wide, my face almost split.  An hour later I was drawing up a business plan for Big Sur Adventures.

The chance to ride in Big Sur in the middle of the day with no traffic...everyone jumped on it, and during the eight months the bridge was down, thousands of people discovered how much more of this beautiful land we get to experience when we slow down just enough.

Lot's of people wanted this to last forever, but it can't.  So we rode all around looking for another place where we can ride all day...another place that could give us the "perma-grin."  Point Lobos blew us away.  And the bike paths along the ocean front in Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach left us smiling all day too.  So we found a space in Pacific Grove, right where our favorite ride starts.




The American Tin Cannery
Suite 122
125 Ocean View Blvd
Pacific Grove, CA 93950