The Smoothest Ride on Two Wheels

Electric bikes are a great way to see miles of California coastline in a relatively short period of time. Spend some time cruising on “the bike that makes you feel like a kid again” with one of our Rad Power electric bikes. We have several different options to choose from, including e-bikes with room for your kids. Looking for a more traditional ride? We also have a number of standard bikes, including options for your whole family.

Our Fleet of Electric Bikes

Rad Rover Electric Bike

With 26″ fat tires and a front suspension, the RadRover offers a very smooth ride. It boasts stability and safety at higher speeds and can also handle sand and snow. It’s our most popular model among riders taller than 5’4″. Riders 5’2″ and above can typically straddle the center bar, though they will not be able to reach the ground from the seat. We have some with racks and some without, so if you need a rack, please let us know(opens in a new tab).

Rad City Electric Bike

The RadCity’s narrow tires allow it to fit on a bus rack. It also has regenerative braking, giving you a bit of extra range. With two frame sizes, you can choose the best style for your height:
Riders 5’4″ to 5’11”: 16″ frame
Riders 5’10” to 6’8″: 20″ frame

Rad City Step-Thru Electric Bike
RadCity Step-Thru

If you’re looking for a true comfort cruiser, the RadCity Step-Thru is your bike. Our brand new addition features a low-step frame design and swept-back handlebars. It’s still packed with a 750-watt motor and a 48V power system, however, giving you the benefits of the original RadCity in a more approachable package.

RadMini E-Bike 300px

The RadMini is the “sports car” of our fleet, surprising most riders with how quickly it takes off. It has the most torque and is capable of accelerating faster than any of our other bikes. Despite its small size, the RadMini can conquer any type of terrain: it’s the best climber in the group, and its fat tires provide a smooth ride on the sand. As a foldable bike, the RadMini fits easily in the back of an SUV, making it the perfect option for those wishing to take an e-bike out of town.

Rad Wagon with a Padded Seat
RadWagon with a Padded Seat

The RadWagon is a 21-speed electric bike. It takes off slower than the other bikes, but it is still strong. One or two riders (adults included) can ride on the back, as long as they are old enough to hang on. The rear seat has a 120 lb maximum weight limit, while total rider weight must be less than 350 lb.

Rad Wagon with a Toddler Seat
RadWagon with a Toddler Seat

This bike is similar to the RadWagon listed above. It offers a toddler seat for children up to 48.5 lb, as well as room for a second child (or small adult) in front.

Kids Tag Along Bike
Children’s Tag-Along

Although this is not an electric bike, it can be towed behind the RadRover. It is designed for children aged 4 and up who weigh less than 85 lb.

Propella 2.0 E-Bike
Propella 2.0 (Demo Bike)

The Propella 2.0 is a 250-watt e-bike with pedal assist up to 15 mph (but no separate throttle). With its thin tires and 7-speed gearing, it’s a lightweight (35 lb) electric bike with the agility and feel of a traditional road bike.

Sondors Thin E-Bike
Sondors Thin (Demo Bike)

The Sondors Thin is a 350-watt, 36V e-bike. It weighs 55 lb and can go up to speeds of 20 mph. In addition, it offers single-speed gearing, 5-speed pedal assist, and a thumb throttle.

Our Fleet of Standard Bikes

We have a number of standard bicycles in our collection, from beach cruisers to 21 speeds. Feel free to peruse the gallery above to get an idea of our stock, but please note that our inventory may vary from what is listed here. Our fleet is constantly evolving as we strive to maintain the highest standard for our bikes.

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