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Big Sur Adventures is happy to be one of the most popular attractions in the Big Sur area! From our grand opening in 2017 to now, we’ve been featured in a number of publications. Check them out below:

One of the Best Things to Do in Monterey

“Strap on a helmet and take in Instagram-ready bay views from a rented bike or e-bike from Big Sur Adventures, located in nearby Pacific Grove. You can rent by the hour to move at your own pace, you go with a guide if you don’t have a particular destination in mind.”

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California Dreamin’ On An E-Bike

Discover the Central Coast

6 Fantastic Outdoor Activities In The Central Coast

Using an e-bike isn’t cheating—it’s far more environmentally friendly than using a car, plus you get some exercise as well. And those climbs along the coast are much easier when you have a 750-watt assist. Big Sur Adventures offers a trio of e-bike tours for all levels of riders: 17-Mile Drive(opens in a new tab), the Old Coast Road, and McWay Falls. One of the best choices for intermediate riders is the Old Coast Road route, a dirt road that follows the original wagon trail into Big Sur(opens in a new tab).

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Travel Awaits

How To Spend A Day In Monterey, California

Electric bicycles are a great way to get around Monterey. Big Sur Adventures is one of a few companies that provides 750-watt motor bicycles that make hill climbing and long distances easy for every rider. Rent an electric bike to discover the downtown area, Cannery Row, or Fisherman’s Wharf on your own, or take a guided bicycle tour of the Pacific Grove coastline, Pebble Beach, or another scenic area. The 17-Mile Drive Tour takes you on one of the most picturesque rides past seaside views, famous golf courses, and amazing mansions on a 3.5-hour tour rated for beginner to intermediate riders.”

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Rad Power Bikes

For Five Glorious Months, an Ebike Paradise on the Pacific

“In May 2017, Big Sur was abruptly split in two. A landslide collapsed supports on the iconic Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge, cutting off access from Highway 1 to the southern portion of the community. With residents and businesses left isolated, locals joked about living on “Big Sur Island.” It was in this unlikely scenario that Joaquin Sullivan launched Big Sur Adventures. When Sullivan first learned about the bridge collapse, he was concerned, to be sure, but also a little excited. Big Sur had experienced a glut of tourism. “This was a chance to have Big Sur quiet again, for a little while,” Sullivan, who grew up in the area and eventually started a woodworking business there, told us.”
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Samantha Brown’s Places to Love

Places to Love: Monterey & Big Sur

“I love cycling, and this trip along Highway One remains one of the best trips I’ve ever experienced. Rent an electric ‘fat-bike’ from Big Sur Adventures and explore the coast.”
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Travel Channel

8 Trending Destinations for Your Fall Getaway

“Thanks to the re-opening in July of a majestic section of Highway 1, now is the time for a road trip between Monterey and San Luis Obispo along California’s Central Coast…Book an e-bike tour with Big Sur Adventures to take in the rugged coastline, then overnight at newly renovated Inn at Morro Bay.”
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What to Do in Monterey, CA, for the Perfect Active Getaway

“Bike along the famous 17-Mile Drive. The famous road weaves along the coastline from Pacific Grove down to Carmel-by-the-Sea past palatial homes, through thick cypress groves, and along the picturesque Pebble Beach golf courses. Contact Big Sur Adventures to rent an e-bike for a solo jaunt, or join one of their guided tours. Trust us: The electric motor will come in handy in case you come up against headwinds or hills (especially after a glass or two of wine in Carmel).”
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La Otra California

“Otra forma de recorrer la costa y adentrarte más en Monterey es un paseo en bicicleta; puedes rentar una en Big Sur Adventures y ellos mismos te pueden guiar. Tienen diferentes rutas, la que tomamos nos llevó por Pacific Grove Marine Gardens, una área protegida con un espectacular paisaje rocoso en plena costa; Asilomar Beach, la playa donde los surfistas se reúnen; y la Reserva Natural Point Lobos, donde está China Cove, una diminuta playa rodeada de paredes de roca que cuando baja la marea deja ver una pequeña cueva y un arco.”
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How to do a “Big Little Lies”-Inspired Trip to Monterey County, California

“If you want to take a shot of ocean air to the face, but running on sand (or running, period) isn’t your jam, consider renting bikes from Big Sur Adventures. Shop owner Joaquin Sullivan is a Monterey native, and personally leads tours from Fisherman’s Wharf to Point Lobos on electric fat-bikes. It’s like exercise for the inherently lazy and risk-adverse (street traffic is capped at 25 miles per hour).”
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Shermans Travel

Monterey County for 7 Different Types of Travelers

“Options for those who like to stay active: get out on the water with Monterey Bay Kayaks or zoom along the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail with an e-bike rental from Big Sur Adventures.”
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Big Sur Adventures

“Using an e-bike isn’t cheating—it’s far more environmentally friendly than using a car, plus you get some exercise as well. And those climbs along the coast are much easier when you have a 750-watt assist. Big Sur Adventures offers a trio of e-bike tours for all levels of riders: 17-Mile Drive, the Old Coast Road, and McWay Falls…Sure, in a car, you can roll down the windows to smell the sea, but exploring the coast by bike gives you a full sensory experience: ocean and forest scents, warm sun on your arms, the sound of crashing waves and wind in the trees, and the feeling of getting a little closer to the wild coast.”
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The Planet D

17 Mile Drive – eBiking California’s Most Scenic Drive

“We met our guide and owner of Big Sur Adventures, Joacqin at his shop in Pacific Grove where the ride starts. He opened his eBiking business after the mud slides on California’s Highway 1. With the Pfeiffer Canyon bridge out, locals only had a bypass trail to carry supplies in and out of their communities. The Ebikes made things easier and thousands of locals and visitors spent the next eight months riding this stretch of highway on bikes without any cars. Joacqin loved the experience so much, he decided to open a business where others could experience the joy of riding after the bridge was fixed and cars were allowed back on Highway 1.”
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Monica Goes

The Most Dog-Friendly Destination in Central California

“It was my first time doing e-bikes and let me tell you, I’m pretty sure this ruined regular bikes for me! It was SO much fun zipping along the coast at 20 mph with little to no effort and a great way to see the scenic 17-mile drive route. I highly recommend this dog-free adventure if you go to Monterey as well.”
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Vacation Idea

10 Best Things To Do in Pacific Grove, California

“Big Sur Adventures offers fun e-bike tours around the most beautiful sights in Pacific Grove. Tours are available for all levels of bike riders and include exploring some stunning spots such as the 17-Mile Drive, Old Coast Road, and McWay Falls. A range of regular and electric bikes are also available for rental, safety equipment such as helmets are provided, and special group packages and customized tours can be arranged.”
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Action Hub

Destinations: 5 Adventurous Things To Do In Big Sur, California

“Do you enjoy bike rides with epic views? Look no further than the Old Coast Road eBike Tour, hosted by Big Sur Adventures. This is not your average stroll down Main Street, but an unforgettable journey through redwoods and high mountain cliffsides as coastal central California exposes its full beauty to riders.”
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10 Unforgettable North American E-Bike Tours: Adventures on Two Wheels

“Experience the natural and manmade beauty of 17-Mile Drive on an electric bike tour. Cruise along the coastline, passing by impressive viewpoints and notable landmarks. Learn about the area from your guide and enjoy the flexibility to make stops and capture stunning photos along the way. This tour is suitable for the whole family, with tandem options available.
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Travel + Leisure

The Best Towns to Visit on a Road Trip Down California’s Central Coast for Incredible Food, Wineries, and Hotels

“Los Angeles and San Francisco are globally renowned cities, yet the 350-mile stretch of captivating coastline between them often goes unnoticed. The central coast of California offers a dynamic blend of culture, wildlife, and breathtaking landscapes. A week-long road trip unveils hidden gems beyond well-known spots like Santa Barbara and Big Sur, inviting exploration of lesser-known treasures along this scenic route. It’s a journey that warrants a slow and deliberate pace to fully appreciate its diverse wonders.
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Articles Written on Launch


Big Sur Is Back in Business—and Better Than Ever

“Because the highway is inaccessible to car traffic until the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge reopens, travelers to Big Sur can, for the first time, walk or bike unimpeded along a 45-mile stretch of the Pacific coast. An hour-long hiking path was created post-mudslide as a way to connect the local community to essential services in nearby towns, and once there, you can rent e-bikes from Big Sur Adventures, a service that sprang up in the wake of the road closures.”
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Lonely Planet

Pacific Coast Highway Closures Means Visitors Can Bike ‘Big Sur Island’

“A stunning stretch of Pacific Coast Highway that, in recent years, has become overly congested and is now cut off from bumper to bumper traffic after rainstorms washed out a bridge earlier this year. Visitors to the area have been able to enjoy the northern section of the park this summer, but for the intrepid, Big Sur Adventures is offering another way to see the immense horizons Big Sur offers – via electric bike.”
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The Mercury News

A Big Sur Electric Bike Road Trip Yields Big Fun, Big Buzz

“Once you hit Highway 1 (you’ll see and hear that the bridge restoration is loudly in progress), it’s a quick stroll to Big Sur Adventures, where the real adventure begins. Big Sur Adventures offers two sizes of Rad power bikes, both adjustable for height and both meaty, fat-tired stallions…Riding an electric bike through this magical area felt like a gift — in my imagination, I saw one of those old maps with an anthropomorphic cloud puffing up its cheeks to blow ships through rough seas. In our case, puffy-faced fog.”
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Visiting Big Sur After the Landslide? Here’s What to Know Before Your Trip

“Joaquin Sullivan, owner of Big Sur Adventures, said via email that today’s Big Sur is the closest visitors can get to reliving the calm that ‘drew artists and poets and those who just wanted to get away from the rat race’ in the 1960s. ‘People are exhilarated to be on the coast when they can hear the waves, hear the trees, hear the sea lions, hear the streams, smell the sagebrush and be all by themselves,’ he said.”
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5 Reasons to Visit Big Sur Right Now

“You Can Now Cruise the Coast Via Electric Bike. A new locally owned e-bike business has popped up in the wake of the road closures. You can now book an e-bike from Big Sur Adventures for a half-day ($75) or a full day ($105).”
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NBC Los Angeles

Big Sur Island: A Two-Wheel’d Adventure

“The Carmel-by-the-Sea property has teamed up with Big Sur Adventures to give guests a chance to book a half-day or full-day electric bicycle, one that can be used to spin along the picturesque stretch south of the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge construction.”
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Robb Report

Now You Can Cycle ‘Big Sur Island’ on a Car-Free Stretch of California’s Iconic Pacific Coast Highway

“Not one to be deterred by natural disasters, local outfitter Big Sur Adventures is making the best of the unfortunate situation with a new experience that gives travelers the rare opportunity to explore the temporary archipelago via e-bike. The once-in-a-lifetime experience leads guests along Big Sur’s famous—and, for now, deserted—stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway.”
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Travel Weekly

Big Sur Tourism Grapples with Pacific Coast Highway Closure

“Hotel Carmel and La Playa Carmel in nearby Carmel-by-the-Sea recently partnered with Big Sur Adventures, an e-bike rental shop in Big Sur, to offer bike trips along the stretch of Pacific Coast Highway (also known as Highway 1) that is now unreachable by cars…those interested can rent an e-bike from Big Sur Adventures for a half day ($50) or a full-day ($75).”
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Big Sur: The Time to Go Is Now

“I took a spin on an electric bike with Big Sur Adventures, which you can pick up at Loma Vista Gardens and take as far as McWay Falls. If you do one thing in Big Sur, it should be this. There are barely any cars on the southside, so you will have Route 1 to yourself. Zipping around the curves at twenty miles per hour without a car in sight while looking out at the ocean is a thrill and a rarity. I doubt I’ll ever have a chance to do something like that again.”
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Four Days at Glen Oaks Big Sur – Take Me Back!

“Andrew also set us up with a reservation at Big Sur Adventures where we rode electric bikes for over 20-miles along Highway 1 — with no traffic! Once the highway opens up to traffic again, this opportunity will be gone indefinitely. So go, now!”
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Marin Magazine

Bike Big Sur

“Until the bridge repairs are completed this fall, visitors have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bike along the cliffs on the road, sans cars. Hotel Carmel and La Playa Carmel, in nearby Carmel-by-the-Sea, have teamed up with Big Sur Adventures, an e-bike rental shop, to offer two-wheeled weekend adventures, available for only a few months.”
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Technology Hiker

Cycling & Hiking Big Sur along CA 1 without Cars

“Visiting the Big Sur delivers a unique experience due to limited access…Bring your own bikes or rent electric bikes from Big Sur Adventures. Last Sunday, I rented an electric bike, and hiked many parks along CA 1. It felt like I visited a Thru Hiker town or I went back in time except I could stop and eat at Nepenthe.”
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Adventures of the Ratty Pack

Don’t Go Chasin’ Waterfalls

“‘How many bikes?’ asked the guy at Big Sur Adventures. ‘Just one,’ I said. ‘You alone?’ ‘Yep.’ …I’d heard about this pop-up electric bike rental biz that opened after last winter’s storms left a section of Highway 1 closed so I went down on a whim. “Good timing,” the guy said as I signed my forms. When the road reopens on October 14, he said, this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will disappear faster than the mist in the Big Sur redwoods.”
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Travel Channel

Top 10 E-Bike Rides Around the World

“You don’t have to be a professional cyclist to enjoy a biking tour. Pedal-assist or electric bikes do the work for you so you can just enjoy the ride. From biking California’s historic Highway 1 to cycling through Orc country in New Zealand, here are our favorite tours.”
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