Ready to take a ride with us? Click the “book now” button on the page of the tour you’re looking at, and follow the instructions to set up a ride.

The 17-Mile Drive Tour meets at our shop at 2106 Sunset Drive, Pacific Grove, CA 93950.

The Coastal Monterey Tour meets at our shop in the American Tin Cannery, Suite 122, 125 Ocean View Blvd, Pacific Grove, CA 93950.

The Carmel-by-the-Sea Tour meets at Pedego Electric Bikes Carmel at 143 Crossroads Blvd, Carmel, CA 93923.

The Big Sur Old Coast Road Tour meets at Andrew Molera State Park, and exact meeting point coordinates will be provided in the confirmation email. Optional transportation from Carmel is available upon request.

Tour Cancellation / Refund Policy:

Full refunds are given with 24 hours notice

Guests that cancel with less than 24 hours notice will be refunded 50%

No refunds for cancellations less than 1 hr before the start time

Cancellations due to rain always receive a full refund

Private Tour Policy:

Groups of up to 9 riders:

  • 72 hours’ notice: 100% refund

  • Less than 72 hrs’ notice: 50% refund

  • Less than 24 hrs notice: no refund

For groups of 10 or more:

  • 30 days prior to event: 100% refund

  • 10 days prior to event: 50% refund

  • 48 hours prior to event: 25% refund

  • Less than 48 hrs prior to event: no refund

The RadRover, with its front suspension and bigger wheels, is our smoothest ride. It’s the “Cadillac” of electric bikes, in our opinion. The RadMini is more like a sports car. It has more torque, accelerates faster than other bikes, and offers a little rougher ride. The RadCity Step-Thru is best for those who like a more upright riding position, as it offers swept-back handlebars. It accelerates a bit slower than the RadRover, but it boasts the same top speed and is a very smooth ride.

Want to pile some kids on the back? We suggest you take the RadWagon, an electric cargo bike with room for you and up to 120 lb of your precious cargo.

Riders shorter than 5’4″ are usually happiest on the RadCity Step-Thru or RadMini. If you’re 5’2″, super athletic, and ride a lot, then you might prefer the RadRover. Just keep in mind that you’ll barely straddle the bar when you stop.

If you’re taller than 6’4”, the RadRover will still work. However, you may want to consider our RadCity 20” frame bike for maximum comfort.

The 17-Mile Drive Tour is 21 miles round trip, but we make plenty of stops for photographs and a chance to rest. The Coastal Montery Tour is 15 miles and involves an optional ride along the sand. The Big Sur Old Coast Road Tour spans 10 miles and requires the most amount of effort, as it involves some steep climbs and requires you to pedal. The Carmel-by-the-Sea Tour also spans 10 miles.

While riding an e-bike is easier than a standard bike, we still require that you know how to ride a bike before joining us on a tour.

If you don’t want to pedal at all, and you’d like to ride more than 20 miles, consider renting an extra battery for $10. While a RadCity Step-Thru can take a 150 lb rider to Carmel and back (30 miles round trip) with battery to spare, it’s not uncommon for people who don’t pedal at all to enjoy the ride so much that they go further than planned. If so, you can either pedal back or call us for an in-ride battery swap. We bill these swaps at $50 per hour drive time plus $10 for the battery, so we recommend planning appropriately.

There are a lot of variables (i.e. bike, the rider, the terrain, etc.), so be sure to call us for advice! We’re happy to make your ride as easy (or as difficult) as you’d like.

Unfortunately, the bike lanes in Big Sur disappear in places, most notably near cliffs and blind corners. Therefore, Highway 1 is for seasoned road cyclists only.

We do offer early morning or sunset tours in the more remote parts of Big Sur for groups of experienced road cyclists. However, when there’s very little traffic, the few cars that are on the road move pretty fast. Please contact us if you’re interested so that we can discuss the details.

Our minimum age for solo riders on the electric bike tours is 14.
Renters between the ages of 12-14 can ride eBikes if we govern the top-speed lower and they demonstrate riding competence in our parking lot.
Children younger than 14 can ride in tandem with a parent on one of our tandem eBikes.
All riders under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian and be accompanied by an adult.

Please give us a call if you’d like to plead the case for your child. If you drop by at least an hour before your reservation, we can have your child do a test run to prove that they are a responsible rider before you commit. If you arrive after your reservation time and your child is unable to handle the bike, we may have to still charge you for the reservation.

The maximum weight for the RadRover, RadCity, and RadMini bikes is 275 lb. The RadWagon has a total weight limit of 350 lb, with a maximum of 120 lb on the back. If you’re riding with kids, please note that the toddler seat is for children up to 48.5 lb, while the tag-along bike can hold up to 85 lb.

The 17-Mile Drive Tour, Coastal Montery Tour, and Carmel-by-the-Sea Tour are suitable for beginners. The Big Sur Old Coast Road Tour is for those with an intermediate level of fitness, as it features some steep climbs and descents on loose gravel that require you to pedal.

Water for the tour will be provided, and we have some snacks available. However, since everyone has their own preferences, we recommend that you bring your own as well.

Yes! We have a combined 30 years of experience, and all our guides are trained in proper road safety. Prior to embarking on your bikes, we will provide a safety briefing and make sure you understand how to use your e-bike. In addition, the guide carries a satellite communication device on the Old Coast Road Tour to keep in touch with our HQ throughout the ride.

Bike problems are rare, but if you do encounter an issue with your bike while on a tour, we will send someone to swap out the problem bike for a replacement. If you want a ride back, whether while renting your own bike or on a tour, we can provide that at no charge as well. Please note that we will never bill you for the time you spend waiting for a backup bike, nor do we charge to replace a flat tire.

If you cancel at least 24 hours in advance, we will happily offer you a full refund. Please note that for groups of six or more, cancellations must be at least a week in advance.

We also offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t enjoy your tour, let us know and we’ll make it right with a refund. However, it doesn’t happen often – typically the only complaints are that people don’t want the tour to end!

Yes. Every rider will need to fill one out. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign for them.

Regarding tours in rainy weather, we’re always on top of the weather forecast. If heavy rain is expected, we’ll inform you two days in advance and offer the option of a full refund. However, if the forecast predicts light rain or scattered showers, we usually proceed with the tour. We provide all the necessary equipment for a safe and enjoyable ride. Our experience has shown that a bit of rain often adds a unique charm to the tour, revealing the natural beauty of the area in a different light. Rest assured, rain or shine, our team is committed to delivering a fantastic tour experience.

Additionally, we make exceptions for rentals that are due back in bad weather. If this happens, we will call you the day before and either meet you to check the bike back in or do a free extension until the rain is done.

There are bathroom spots every 30-45 minutes on the 17-Mile Drive Tour, Coastal Montery Tour, and Carmel-by-the-Sea Tour. For the Big Sur Old Coast Road Tour, we provide portable toilet kits that include all necessities, such as a bag for waste disposal, toilet paper, and wet wipes.

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