Monterey Peninsula Tours & Bike Rentals

Frequently Asked ?'s

What is your cancellation policy?

Full refund if cancelled 24 hrs in advance (1 week in advance for groups of 6 or more). 


Should I rent the Mini or the Rover?

If you're shorter than 5'4" choose the Mini. If you're 5'2", super athletic, and ride a lot, then you might prefer the Rover...but you'll barely straddle the bar when you stop. 

The Rover, with it's front suspension and bigger wheels is a smoother ride.  It's the "Cadillac."  The Mini is more like a sports car.  It has a little faster "get up & go" and a little rougher ride.  

Both bikes fit tall riders.  But if you are below 5'4" (down to 4'11"), the Mini is for you.  The Rover's bar has a 31.25" standover height.

Both bikes have their fans, with more tending towards the Rover.


Do I have to pedal?  I really, really don't want to...

If you really don't want to pedal at all, and you'd like to ride more than 15 miles, you should reserve an extra battery ($10).  It's not uncommon for people who don't pedal at all to enjoy the ride so much, they go way further than planned.  If so, you can either pedal back, or call us for an "in-ride battery swap."  We bill these swaps at $50 per hr drive time plus $10 for the battery, so we recommend planning appropriately.


We had a blast this summer with Hwy 1 closed.  Are you still doing rentals here?

Sorry.  The bike lanes in Big Sur disappear in places, near cliffs and blind corners.  It's biking for seasoned road-cyclists only.  We do offer tours in the more remote parts of Big Sur for groups of experienced road-cyclists during early morning hours.   However, when there's very little traffic, the few cars that are on the road can be moving fast.  We follow all of our tours with a chase vehicle warning motorists that there are bikes ahead. Contact us to discuss details.


Can my 6-year old drive your super-powerful electric bikes?

Our recommended minimum age is sixteen.  Eighteen to rent without a parent/guardian.  We have non-electric bikes for kids and adults, and they're typically a better fit. 

In Pacific Grove, we can govern the top-assisted-speed as low as you like.  Just ask.  This will allow younger children to be able to legally ride.  With parental approval, we have had children as young as 12 ride our RadMini, however, we reserve the right to refuse rentals to anyone who we feel is unsafe.  We haven't done this often, but we have had to make that judgement call a few times.  (Full refund, of course.)

 The RadMini weighs 60 lb., so a small person will feel intimidated.  If you wish to plead the case for your child, give us a call.  If you drop by at least an hour before your reservation, your child can do a test run (to prove to us and you that they are a responsible rider) before you commit.  If you arrive after your reservation time, and your child is unable to handle the bike, we may have to still charge you for the reservation.

Most parents with younger children rent a tag-along our our RadWagon.  The RadWagon has a seat on the back for 1 or 2 children.  We also have a toddler seat that we can attach.